For many couples, rehearsal dinners have turned into elaborate occasions. There’s no reason to fret when making your own. With just a little over 24 hours left until you and your spouse get married, in addition to the arrival of your guests and family members, it is the ideal moment to throw a party event. But, there are a few points to take into consideration when you’re planning your celebration. From the creation of a seating chart to choosing a distinctive location to create the menu, You’ll have lots of creativity when you’re planning your party. There are endless possibilities if you’re hosting a small or a bigger event.

Traditionally, the rehearsal meal was served the night before that wedding by the parents of the groom’s bride. However, as with many different wedding customs, contemporary couples are now making these wedding rehearsal dinners their own. Dinner plans for rehearsals are often more casual or personal. At the end, how you design it is yours to decide. 

Whatever way you decide to utilize the rehearsal dinner as a way to kick off the celebrations–whether solely to allow for pre-ceremony rehearsal or just some fun, there are a couple of important things to take into consideration. Here’s all you need to know about planning an ideal rehearsal food.

Rehearsal Dinner Etiquette

Rehearsal dinners can be a part of the wedding celebration, But they also come with specific manners of conduct rules. Here are the answers to the most frequent questions.

Who is the one who throws the dinner for rehearsal?

The times change. The rules are shifting. “In years past, it was expected that the groom’s family hosted and threw the rehearsal dinner, but today, it can be the couple themselves or either of the couple’s family. Sometimes it will even be a mix of all parties.

Who will pay for that rehearsal meal?

Based on the assumption that the bride’s family pays the wedding cost, the general customs suggest that the groom’s family arrange and cover for the meal at the rehearsal. We’re all aware that in the modern age, the world of finances, etiquette as well as tradition has grown and changed. However, for couples who are super traditional, this is the usual guideline.

What is the best method of inviting attendees to an event?

Regarding rehearsal dinner invitations, the rules aren’t as strict as wedding invitations. Although everyone attending should receive an invitation but it doesn’t need to be formal. For a rehearsal dinner sending an invitation via email or telephone call is fine. In general, formal occasions require an official invitation by post, and casual, relaxed gatherings can be arranged via or email. “We like to include the invite with the main invitation suite so that the design is cohesive.” 

What time do you mail invitations to rehearsal dinners?

Like any event that is planned, guests must be informed about four to six weeks before the date to allow for planning. Rehearsal dinner guest lists can’t be assumed as certain couples prefer their immediate family members only. Others invite nearly half of their wedding guests. Make sure your guests are informed promptly and courteously way.

Who has an invitation to the wedding rehearsal?

In general, you should generally speaking, you should invite “immediate family members, the wedding party, their guests, and sometimes out-of-town guests if they’ve traveled a long way.” The officiant, ushers, and readers may include them on the wedding rehearsal dinner’s guest list. Depending on the size of your bridal party and families, it can make for a large number of guests. In addition, the usual wedding guests include extended family members, the ring bearer, and the flowers (depending on their age and how close they are to the bride and groom).

What time do you throw an event for rehearsal?

For traditional weddings on Saturdays weddings, rehearsal dinners are typically held on the wedding’s eve immediately following rehearsals for the ceremony. Couples who do not have a rehearsal often decide to celebrate their wedding with a gathering or dinner. For weddings that are increasingly popular on Sundays or on Fridays, dinners may be scheduled for during the week of Thursday, Friday or the day before the wedding. When it comes to the time, ensure that attendees (and the soon-to-be brides and grooms, obviously) aren’t left with a long wait to enjoy a night out. In the end, the most important wedding is just around the corner.

Where should the rehearsal dinner be held?

It’s all about proximity. Try to arrange your rehearsal dinner within 20 to 30 miles of the hotel in which your guests are staying or near the actual location in which your wedding ceremony will be happening. Be aware that your guests are traveling to enjoy your weekend, so they shouldn’t have to travel for more than 45 minutes for the rehearsal dinner. When you can, it’s appreciated if you give precise directions and even transportation.

How formal is the rehearsal dinner?

The rehearsal dinner could have a formal or informal setting, as formal or casual as you’d like, depending on your budget and your preferences. Many couples prefer to keep their rehearsal dinner in line with the wedding. This means that the meal is like an extra part of the ceremony and seamlessly integrates with the remainder of the weekend.

Sometimes when the couple is having a traditional wedding, they want a traditional rehearsal dinner to set the tone. But sometimes, they want something that feels more relaxed and easy. There are no rules. We have done fantastic rehearsal dinners where the guests never sat down, and music played all night.