Everything Floral for Your Wedding from Invitation to Dress

When it comes to wedding themes, floral theme would always make it to top as it is super chic, elegant and highly adaptable. Moreover, this theme fits well in any season wedding whether it is spring, summer or winter. If you have already opted for the floral themed wedding and looking for some astonishing floral themed wedding ideas, you are at right place. Check out the best ideas for a whimsical floral wedding.

1. Bridesmaid Dress


Floral wedding gown

While you would don a completely beautiful white wedding gown, your bridesmaid could wear the floral themed tea length dresses. You could choose your favorite color and ask them to wear it.

2. Cute Desserts

Cute desserts

To adorn your dessert table according to your wedding theme, you can use colored floral butter papers to keep your cupcakes and desserts in it. They would look super pretty and everyone would love it completely.

3. Stunning Floral Stationery

Floral wedding invitation

The online wedding invitation market is already flooded with floral themed wedding invitations, floral escort cards and more. The color and charm of these is something you won’t be able to resist at all.

4. Floral Aisle

Floral aisle decoration

Floral aisle

While you may your way to wedding altar, you should feel the essence of your wedding theme so, rose petals on the wedding aisle with scented candles are a stunning idea.

5. Enticing Wedding Cakes

Floral wedding cake

Flowers are beautiful and colorful and they have the power to cheer anybody up. Same applies to cake. Mix the floral theme of your wedding with your wedding cake by having floral icing all over it.

6. Floral Draped Celling

Floral draped celling

Floral drapped ceiling decor

The romantic outdoor tent wedding is often spoiled with support beams are exposed, you can cover them up with garlands made of flowers and foliage.

7. Floral Fountain on the Entrance

Floral fountain on the entrance

Floral decor fountain on the entrance

To imitate a romantic overflowing fountain, you could use greenery and lush hydrangea. This will look more glamorous when you add the whimsy touch by using floating candles and lily pads.

8. Stunning Backdrop

Floral Stunning backdrop

Stunning backdrop

Color coordinated blossoms are always splendid and you can use them for a picture perfect for your wedding altar backdrop. The urban contrast between garden chic blooms and industrial looking walls is super alluring.

9. Floral Centerpieces


Floral centerpiece

Soft green hues of greenery, fruits and colorful hues of flowers is damn good arrangement for your floral centerpieces. For cascading effect, the beautiful blooms should be highly colorful and place in beautiful vases.

10. Floral Chandeliers

Floral chandeliers

Turn your light fixtures into striking chandeliers by arranging some upside down stems filled with wreaths of flower. The elegant and simple display of blossoms is simply impressive.

11. Hanging Potted Plants

Hanging potted plants

To add a divine touch to your wedding venue, all you could use is to hang some colorful potted plants. While the leaves will add the exotic touch, the colorful flowers are good for the intense aura.