Coolest DIY Wedding Gift Ideas For The Recently Wedded Couples

Everyone loves to be a part of a happening and good wedding but, nobody wants that attending a wedding becomes harsh on their pockets. In such a case, should we stop giving gifts in the wedding? Won’t it be too rude? Well, the simplest solution for this is to make some DIY gifts for newlyweds. In such a way, you would be able to save a deal on the wedding gifts. Moreover, these DIY wedding gift ideas act as sentimental keepsakes for the couple. Here are some amazing DIY gift ideas to get an insight.

Personalized Marker Mug

DIY Marker Mugs

If you are seriously looking for some personalized gift for newlyweds, you should consider the marker mug. You simply have to buy two similar plain mugs and on that, you can write the preference of the bride and groom about their morning coffee or tea.

DIY Portrait

Call it our personal preference or you can call us biased over this DIY Wedding Gift. This one is perfectly a memorable gift for the wedded couple. You simply have to get some nice shots of the couple and give them a cute portrait on their wedding day. If you have multiple shots, you are allowed to give away a cool collage.

Playful Pillow Covers

Pillow Covers wedding gifts

Pillows can stay for a very long time with the couple and you can reveal your creative side by creating personalized, playful pillow covers for the couple. Purchase some good fabric and stitch some pillow covers. The best Cheap Wedding Gift Ideas suggest that you can either write their names of these or you can give some creative watercolor strokes on these pillows to make them look amazing.

Personalized Coasters


The coasters are that one thing which you always see when you sit on your dining table. For this reason alone, you can personalize some coasters for the couple. Simple love messages, names or important dates will be more than perfect.

The Memorable Map Track

Wedding Map Track

Every marriage has a story of its own. If you are familiar with the story of the marriage you are attending, all you need to do is create a memorable map track for the whole thing. Make it look beautiful, elegant and creative by using the right format and colors.

12 Months of Date Night Ideas

The very first year for a wedded couple is entirely romantic like a fairy tale. You can help them to make their first year even more romantic. All you need to do is to find 12 romantic date ideas for each month. Use to colorful scrapbook to disclose the ideas. This one is one of the Cheap Wedding Gift Ideas but, the most innovative one.


Since the newly wedded couple is entering a new life. It is quite obvious that the nameplate outside their house will change too. Hence, the best Handmade Wedding Gift Tips suggest that you can design a creative nameplate for their house. It would surely amaze them.

Printed Candles

Printed candles - IndianWeddingCards

For setting the right tempo and ambience for the room of wedded couple, you are allowed to make some amazing printed candles for them. Gift them these candles and we bet you they will love you for this.

The Tree Swing

Tree Swing

For adding more romance in the lives of the new couple, you can use these Handmade Wedding Gift Tips. Make an amazing tree swing and gift it to them. This will add a spark to their wedded lives and they would be able to spend some more romantic time together.