7 Trending Colors & Designs Of Scroll Cards For Royal Indian Wedding

Planning grandeur, aristocratic, majestic, breathtaking Indian Wedding requires everything to be extra classy, elegant and royal. For achieving the perfect ambiance for a stunning and marvelous wedding, you start looking for the delicious cuisines, superb decorations, unique wedding themes and amazing wedding venue. With utter care and consideration, you choose a unique wedding theme and rest other things. But, the real search has just begun. Now, you want to have a perfect wedding card to match your theme and decoration. For all such search, the IndianWeddingCards offers the Scroll wedding invitations, which are crafted to fit in all the wedding themes. Just have a look at our 7 Most Amazing Scroll Wedding Cards, to select one for you.

1. The Maroon Scroll Wedding Invitations

Scroll wedding card

This wedding card is one of the best scroll wedding invitations so far. Resembling an antique piece of art and craft, this card is prepared with the velvet cloth, plastic bars and golden caps. Its rich maroon color reflects its aristocratic aura in the most subtle way. A maroon velvet cloth is supported with plastic bars, golden caps and then rolled and tied with matching golden tassel to showcase its excellent finish and elegance. To accompany this, we offer a metal box having beautifully engraved patterns and matching embellished velvet pouch.  Sending this amazing card to your customer will ensure their presence in your wedding.

2. The Turquoise Scroll Wedding Cards

Blue scroll wedding invitations CSC-5006I

For perfect Indian wedding card, the right color and right material are the key ingredients. And, this beautiful card falls under the category of a  scroll wedding cards. Made from silk paper in eye-catching turquoise color, it is just perfect for any wedding theme or any wedding plans. Accompanied with matching box and pouch, this beautiful turquoise card is supported with silver-colored metallic bars, caps and tied with a silver tassel. This fascinating wedding invitation has been elegantly crafted by our designer team to deliver perfection to you.

3. The Ivory Scroll Cards

Scroll wedding invitations CSC-5002C

The color itself is so wonderful that it will bring all your ‘loved ones’ to your wedding. The elegant innovative design, ivory color and handmade silk paper the highlights of this classy wedding card. These soothing colored scroll cards are supported by silver colored plastic bars and caps. To intensify its elegance, it has silver colored tassel attached to tie it. Moreover, its box and pouch are also adorned with silver colored lace to make them attractive too.

4. The Pista Green Scroll Invitations

Scroll wedding invitations CSC-5015E

If you are looking for something extremely budget-friendly yet classy for your perfect Indian wedding, this one is exclusively crafted for you. The scroll invitations are made from purple colored shimmer paper supported with plastic bars and caps. It is then tied with silver colored tassel to increase its royalty. It is accompanied with pista green-colored envelope to provide an amazing contrast of colors. In case, you have to mail your wedding cards to your guests, this one is just perfect due to its light weight.

5. The White Colored Scroll Wedding Invitation Cards

Scroll wedding invitations CSC-5011B

Class, royalty, decency, and elegance are the right adjectives to describe these beautiful scroll wedding invitation cards. The white matt paper is the main reason for its elegance and beauty. It is supported by golden colored bars and caps. Tied by a matching golden tassel, this beautiful card comes with the white box having a golden pattern and white envelope. The soothing white color will definitely attract your guests. Moreover, you need to worry about your wedding theme at all as this is perfect for all the themes.

6. Golden Scroll Wedding Invitations

Scroll wedding invitations CSC-5007G

The golden color is the flavor of the most majestic Indian weddings for sure. And to match that aura, IndianWeddingCards offer this beautiful golden colored scroll wedding invitations. Elegantly crafted by our dedicated designing team, this card is made from golden handmade shimmer paper and then it is supported by golden plastic bars and caps. It comes with matching golden colored box and golden envelope. This card alone will be enough to let your guests judge the class of your ‘Big day’.

7. Black Colored Scroll Invitations

Black scroll wedding invitations CSC-5006H

It is a long lost tale when black color was considered jinx in the Indian weddings. In the modern era, the black color redefines the class of aristocratic weddings. And, these beautiful black colored scroll invitations are a true example of this change. Made from black matt paper, this beautiful scroll card has golden metal bars and caps to support it. The black colored box and envelope of this elegant card is embellished with golden patterns. Light on the pocket, it is crafted to amaze everyone with its beauty.