5 Gujarati Kankotri for a Perfect Gujarati Wedding!

The cheery and colourful spirit of Gujarati weddings is enough to steal the hearts of all the spectators. But, a lot of your guests will attend your Gujarati weddings for the rich and authenticated Gujarati culture, colourful Gujarati dresses, spectacular Gujarati folk dances and yummy Gujarati cuisines. And for the rest others, we offer some breathtaking Gujarati Kankotri  on this easter that will make sure that they feel the urge to attend your perfect Gujarati Wedding. Yes, we are very sure that our Gujarati wedding cards will bring together all your wedding guests on your big day. Don’t you believe us? Fine, just have a look at only 5 of our popular Kankotris and judge yourself.

1.The Velvet Scroll Wedding Card

Scroll Cards - IndianWeddingCards

The right word to describe these Gujarati wedding invitations is ‘Wow’.  You won’t be able to take your eyes off after looking at the finish, texture and pattern of this breathtaking velvet scroll wedding card. Available in various colours and size, it is offered with beautiful tassel to amaze you and all your wedding guests. You can also add something personal by adding your own wedding words and fonts in these gorgeous wedding cards. They will just fit in any theme of your Gujarati wedding.

2. The Shimmery Rhinestone Wedding Card

Damask Wedding Cards - IndianWeddingCards

The amazing and marvellous Gujarati weddings are simply grand and majestic with all its charm and glamour. And, the Shimmery rhinestone wedding card is a perfect Gujarati wedding kankotri for such beautiful weddings. The rich colours and the rhinestone work of these wedding cards will simply steal your heart away. Not just this, they will definitely leave an everlasting impact on your wedding guests.

3.The Silver Black Coloured Butterfly Wedding Card

Butterfly Wedding Cards - IndianWeddingCards

Like the Gujarati weddings, the butterflies are symbol of joy, beauty and colours. Maybe that’s why we offer some gorgeous Butterfly wedding cards for the perfect Gujarati wedding. Decorated with the Gujarati religious symbols, these beautiful wedding cards are offered in a variety of paper and colours. But, the most astonishing one is the silver black coloured butterfly wedding card. This wedding card will just set the right mood for your ‘dream wedding’.

4. The Damask Matt Wedding Card

Damask Gujarati Wedding Cards - IndianWeddingCards

You will definitely go nuts when you will look at our beautiful Damask wedding cards. These wedding cards are designed and created to match up the standard of your perfect Gujarati wedding.You have opted for a fairy tale theme wedding, Disney theme wedding, or any other theme for your Gujarati wedding, this eye-catching wedding card will fit in any theme. You can also use the customization tool to create more magic in your Gujarati wedding cards.

5.The Odd Shaped Silk Wedding Card

Odd Shaped Wedding Cards - IndianWeddingCards

The lively and impressive colour of this Gujarati Kankotri is a delight to look at. With its beautiful pastel, it just creates wonder in the world of wedding Invitations. Printed on a handmade silk paper, this wedding card is simply the perfect reflection of the grace and charm of Gujarati weddings. And, the best part is it has a wide range of Add-on cards to set the right tone for your wedding.


Choose from our wide range of Gujarati Wedding Kankotris to send a heartfelt invitation to your wedding guests. And, match up the cards with our wide range of Add-on cards to make a difference.